This page gives an overview of the Strategic Plan 2020-25.

More information is available on the presentation to the June 2020 Club Committee, and contained within the detailed Action Plan. It will be presented to club members at the 2020 AGM.

Our Ambition


The BRUFC Mission

To grow the game of rugby in Bicester and surrounding areas.



Bicester RUFC is one of the top 5 rugby clubs in Oxfordshire in terms of on-field performance and registered players. The club has a single-site permanent home, which provides for rugby at all levels of the club. It is a model club for player-focused development within Oxfordshire.


Ethos & Values

The core RFU rugby values of Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, and Sportsmanship (TREDS) underpin the club’s ethos from minis to seniors. 

We are a player-centred club, with a proactive KidsFirst approach in our minis section, which continues into the Juniors. Seniors provide an enjoyable, yet determined environment for local players to thrive in competitive rugby.

We are a mixed-ability club, and place the enjoyment of rugby and playing time for all first and foremost.

Strategic & Enabling Priorities 


Growing the game means more people playing rugby in Bicester, leading to more revenues for the club to invest, leading to on-field success.

To deliver our Mission, we need to recruit, retain, and re-engage players at all levels. This requires a quality player experience, enabled by five strategic priorities (SPs), underpinned by two enabling priorities (EPs) of strong leadership and secure finances.

SP1. Volunteers

As a community amateur sports club, Bicester RUFC is entirely run by volunteers. We value and actively cultivate an engaged & well-trained army of volunteers – called Gamemakers due to their crucial role in making the rugby happen – with all positions filled to help spread the load. Our volunteers embody the Bicester values, and help the club to provide a quality player experience for us to achieve our Mission and Vision. We recognise the valuable contribution our volunteers make through our new valuing volunteers programme: Great Gamemakers. 

SP2. Community

Bicester RUFC aspires to have a schools and community rugby development programme that is recognised by Oxfordshire RFU, Sport England (and relevant others) as “best in class”. We want rugby to be the most attractive leisure offer in the town, the local community to see rugby as a vibrant local sport, and for the community to consider the club as playing a positive role in the town of Bicester.

SP3. Facilities

We want excellent and well-maintained facilities to attract and retain members and volunteers. By 2031, Bicester will have a need for 3 senior pitches, plus space for juniors and training, and the RFU consider that this is equivalent to a minimum of 4 pitches. We aspire for this to be on a single site, with security of tenure (or freehold) which is financially self-sustaining for the club.

SP4. Playing Offer

Our club focus is on player development and enjoyment of the game. We aspire to be the best environment for youth rugby in Oxfordshire. This focus on player development facilitates the focus on on-field success in the Seniors, adopting the England pathway approach: Age Grade rugby at Bicester explores the boundaries of player capabilities, Colts begins to build an understanding of tactical adaptation to win, and the Seniors (Foxes and Vixens) are focused on winning. We aspire for our Senior Men (Foxes) to secure promotion to Level 6 (South West 1 East) within the next 5 years, and Vixens to enter in a league by 2023. We aim to provide an opportunity for social rugby through O2 Touch, and a social/Veterans full-contact team which helps keep players in the game for longer.

SP5. Welfare

Safety and protection for players and volunteers is of paramount importance. The club is a champion of RugbySafe, ensures a safe playing and training environment for players and children, and protection for members and the club from unforeseen circumstances. All volunteers coming into contact with children are DBS cleared, with regular renewals undertaken. We are pioneering support for mental health in rugby within Oxfordshire. 

EP1. Strong Leadership

The Club Board of Directors aims to provide strong and diverse leadership, with good governance, and a balanced focus on people, process and performance in running the club. We aspire for club communication to be open and transparent, with the Club Committee playing a vital role delivering the Club’s Strategic Plan, and driving membership engagement. 

EP2. Secure Finances

The Club aims to complete each season with a surplus, with comprehensive sponsorship and active fundraising programmes. Our membership structure aims to offer excellent value for money, benchmarked against other clubs in the region. As a Company Limited by Guarantee, all profits and revenues are ploughed back into the club to help deliver on our mission and vision.