The BRUFC Access to Rugby Fund was set up to support parents or individuals who are struggling to afford the cost associated with becoming a member of BRUFC. Those in this position can have their fees paid for by the Access to Rugby Fund.

The aim of the Fund is to remove the financial barrier and burden to individuals that can make it difficult for players of all ages to be able to play rugby and become a member of BRUFC.


How is the money raised?

Generous benefactors from within the Bicester RUFC community donate to the Fund.

If you wish to donate, however big or small please email and details will be provided.


Who can access the Fund and how?

Anyone! The Access to Rugby Fund is available to any youth/senior player and families.

Individuals can self-refer or club officials/parents/senior players can refer individuals that would benefit. All referrals should be sent via email to


How is money from the Fund allocated?

Referrals from club officials are processed by the Access to Rugby administrator. Self-referrals or peer referrals are assessed by the Club Chaplain, Rev. Ian Biscoe. If appropriate, he will contact the individual, assess what support is required and establish if the club can help in other ways.


How does the Fund work?

The Fund is run by an administrator, who attends to emails and refers individual/peer requests to the Club Chaplain. The Fund is held in a separate account, solely for Access to Rugby. Once a referral has been accepted, the BRUFC Treasurer is informed of whose membership fees have been paid for by the Access to Rugby fund. The Treasurer then transfers the monies from the Access to Rugby fund account to the BRUFC account. The individual/parent and referrer is the informed that the players membership fees have been paid by Access to Rugby.


The only people who will know the identity of a beneficiary of the Access to Rugby Fund are: the individual and referrer, Club Chaplain, Access to Rugby administrator, and BRUFC Treasurer. BRUFC is committed to keeping all information confidential.



The Fund is accountable to the BRUFC Board. Quarterly reports stating donations received, number of benefactors, and total amount donated to beneficiaries are relased to the Board. The Board is also provided some circumstantial examples which are completely anonymised, e.g. parent made redundant and unable to pay their childs membership at this current time; single parent struggling to pay in October due to financial pressure of start of school and upcoming Christmas costs.